When it comes to improving your living space, you might be asking, “Is it better to move or renovate?

Indeed, you need a change when you start questioning whether it’s time for a new home or a home renovation. Before you dive into selling your home or starting a renovation project, it’s essential to consider various factors to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Here are some key questions to consider that will help guide your decision:

Do you love your neighbourhood?

This is crucial. We often hear, “We don’t love the house, but we love the location.” If you absolutely love your neighbourhood, staying and renovating or doing an addition might be the best option.

Do you have unfinished space in your home?

You might be sitting on untapped potential. Utilizing unfinished spaces can transform them into a mortgage helper, personal office, extra bathroom, or play area for the kids.

Could you handle living through a renovation?

There is a lot to do when getting ready for a renovation. Even if you love your home, consider whether you can endure living through a renovation. If not, moving might be a clearer choice, though there are ways to make renovations more manageable than you might think.

What does a new house have that yours doesn’t?

Is it a new kitchen, more bathrooms, or a second living space? Identifying what you want from a home will help you decide if you can achieve it in your current house or need to move to get it.

What will it cost?

Is it better to move or renovate when it comes to expenses? Both moving and renovating come with significant costs.

Get Help from Our Renovation Experts

Our renovation experts here at Coleridge Construction would be happy to sit down with you and go through the numbers to help you make a financially informed decision.

We are based in Abbotsford BC and service communities throughout the Greater Vancouver area!

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