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A modern bathroom renovation with a double sink, white cabinets and dark metal fixtures.
A view from the bathroom doorway showing the walk-in glass shower and large white soaker bathtub.
is your bathroom in need of a makeover?


Your bathroom isn’t just a room—it’s where you start and end each day. A necessary space to refresh and recharge.

At Coleridge Construction, we’re all about creating bathrooms that are stylish and functional. We also want it to be a reflection of your home and family’s needs. Whether you want to renovate a master ensuite bathroom, a kids’ main bath, or a main floor powder room, we can help. Our tradespeople deliver quality workmanship with a thorough attention to detail.

Ready to update one or more bathrooms in your house or even explore the option of a main floor renovation?

We invite you to reach out to our bathroom renovation contractors to learn more about our services including costs, timelines, and finishes.

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Our Bathroom Renovation Services

Contact us whether you’ve been dreaming for years or just recently realized your need to update your bathroom. Our home contractors can help you establish a scope of work that not only aligns with your budget but also meets your needs. Our Coleridge bathroom renovation contractors stay flexible and responsive throughout the process and take pride in providing a renovation that works well for everyone.

Main Bathroom Renovation Cost

Approx. $30,000 – 40,000

This is one of the best ways to add value to your home. A main bathroom update gives a true style refresh with modern, updated finishes from floor to ceiling.

This modern bathroom renovation typically includes:

  • Demo Existing Bathroom
  • New Tile Flooring
  • New Bathtub & Surround
  • New Bathroom Fan
  • Additional Pot Light and New Vanity Light
  • New Moldings
  • Paint Everything
  • New Vanity and Sink
  • New Toilet
Large newly renovated bathroom with bathtub, shower and toilet.

Master Bathroom Renovation Cost

Approx. $40,000 – 50,000

This is a true transformation that you can fully enjoy with spa-like finishes personalized to your own tastes as you are likely the only one using this private space in your home.

This master bathroom renovation typically includes:

  • Demo Existing Bathroom
  • New Heated Tile Flooring
  • New Tile Shower with Frameless Glass Surround
  • New Bathroom Fan
  • Additional Potlights and New Vanity Light
  • New Moldings
  • Paint Everything
  • New Double Vanity and Sinks
  • New Toilet

Check Out Recent Projects for Bathroom Renovation Ideas

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“We are very happy with are brand new bathroom , Coleridge Construction did an amazing job and got everything done in a timely manner , which was a huge thing in our house ! Thanks so much to Paul and his team for helping us find everything we needed and going the extra mile for us!”
Kayla S.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Paul has done fantastic work on the several projects we had for him to do. He was professional and easy to work with ,with some really great ideas. He was on budget and work was done on time.”
Betty Lou H.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Paul Coleridge is the best of the best, himself and his crew are respectful trust worthy and very good at sticking to the planned schedule. I would highly recommend using them for any sort of renovation and would use them again for any future renovations.”
Tiffany B.

Bathroom Renovation FAQs

We get it – there are a lot of questions about starting a bathroom renovation project. Here’s a list of helpful questions and answers as you start planning for your bathroom reno.

Still have a question? Check out our Construction Process page or better yet connect with our friendly team.

Once we have the plans and permits in place, the actual construction process should take around 10 weeks.

It’s easy to stay in your home during a bathroom renovation if you have a secondary bathroom to use during the process. If we are renovating your only bathroom, we would need to get creative. Maybe consider bringing in a portable bathroom for your family to use while construction is taking place.

Once your project starts, one of our trusted Project Managers will oversee it. They will be your point person for all construction issues, questions and weekly client meetings.  You will also have access to the entire contracting team through the company software. Plus, access to an office manager for any financial questions and project updates.

We focus on good planning and work hard to have great communication and openness with our clients. Client selections are all documented on our communication software, along with providing budget updates every two weeks. Our end goal is to always give our clients a successful project and we work hard to build that into our approach as a team.

Yes, if your project involves significant alterations. Wall modifications or other substantial changes within the bathroom require a municipal city permit.  We’ll help assist you through this process and handle the entire permit application procedure on your behalf.

Absolutely. Planning and design are the most critical phases of a successful renovation.  We have great relationships with designers and drafting teams to help you start the process. Coleridge Construction will work with you to help you understand your renovation desires, goals, and priorities.

Yes, we do. We stand by you every step of the way, from project inception to completion.  Leveraging our relationships with local vendors and trade partners,  we assist in navigating your selections. Throughout the entire renovation journey, we serve as your guides, orchestrating the involvement of our reliable tradespeople and in-house team until the project reaches its conclusion.

For the best use of your space, we recommend bringing in a designer to help you visually see the space you are trying to create. We have great relationships with local designers and will help connect you with them to help design your space.

We are very open to using a wide variety of bathroom materials and are not partial to any supplier or manufacturer. However, we value using our trusted vendors as we have witnessed too many horror stories of using ultra-cheap and unreputable vendors that don’t stand behind their products.  

While our standard practice may not always include specifying eco-friendly or sustainable materials, we remain fully open to their use. Throughout the planning process, we can assess your preferences and needs. If deemed beneficial, we’re happy to present a range of eco-conscious options for consideration.

Every bathroom design can be customized to your needs. Whether it’s a custom walk-in shower, an on-demand shower, or a corner glass-walled shower, we can help you get the design you want.

We use moisture-resistant drywall or cement board in areas prone to direct water contact. Our team also uses waterproof membranes behind tiles in the shower and on the floor,  along with water-resistant flooring materials, such as tile or vinyl.

At Coleridge Construction, we offer a 24-month warranty on all exterior cladding, caulking, windows and doors. We also provide a 12-month warranty for all electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and Interior finishing.

need some guidance and advice?


Is a bathroom renovation worth it? Are my ideas even feasible within my budget? Should I do a total overhaul or just cosmetic updates?

The questions may feel endless as you dream of updating your bathroom. We get it because we are homeowners too. Your bathroom reno is a major investment into your home that will affect how you use and enjoy it as well as future resale value. This is why it pays off to work with our experienced bathroom renovation contractors and tradespeople. We strive to make the most of the space and budget that you have. 

If you want to move forward with your bathroom renovation plans we are here to help. Simply request a quote to schedule an appointment with our contractor to walk through your home, discuss your ideas, and brainstorm together on what could be.

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“Even on smaller scale projects like bathroom renovations we are still highly committed to open communication, quality workmanship, efficient planning, and getting the job done right for your family.”

Paul Coleridge



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