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A newly finished kitchen in white with country-style cabinets and a large kitchen island.
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A well-planned basement renovation can help offset mortgage costs while increasing the overall value of your property.

At Coleridge Construction, our basement renovation contractors can help plan and execute a basement remodel or suite installation. Renovations can add multi-use versatility for family members, guests, or tenants. We are all about helping you transform your home’s underutilized living space.

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This page provides information on our basement suite renovation services including costs, timelines, permits, and grants. 

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Our Basement Renovation Services

Whether converting your basement into a suite has always been part of your plan or you now need some extra income to help with your mortgage, we can help. Our basement renovation contractors are ready to assist you.

We’ll help you develop a basement renovation plan that fits your budget and fulfills your needs. Throughout the renovation process, we maintain flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring that we deliver a solution tailored to your requirements and satisfaction.

Basement Suite Remodel & Installation

Approx. $100,000 – 120,000

Get a fully contained second residence in your basement that can be used by a family member or tenant. We’ll help optimize the layout, function, and finishes.

Services provided by our basement renovation contractors typically include:

  • Plans & Permits
  • Demo Basement
  • Reconfigure Basement
  • New Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical
  • New Entry-level Bathroom
  • Additional Insulation, Soundproofing
  • New Drywall
  • New Entry-level Kitchen
  • New Flooring
  • New Moldings and Doors
  • Paint Everything

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“Paul managed our basement renovation from start to finish and we couldn’t be happier with the result. He was easy to work with, communicated clearly and finished on time and within budget! Highly recommend him as a contractor for any home renovations you need completed.”

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Have you heard of BC’s Secondary Suite Incentive Program (SSIP)?

British Columbia has introduced this new incentive program to offset the costs associated with construction and renovation projects. The program is meant to encourage homeowners to invest in the creation of secondary suites and liveable basement suites.

Up to $40,000 in the form of a forgivable loan is available for homeowners who follow the terms of the program when converting part of their property into a secondary suite.

For more information, check out the official fact sheet!

Basement Renovations – FAQs

We understand that basement renovations and updates can be a large investment and come with questions. Our basement renovation contractors have compiled this list of basement suite FAQs to provide essential guidance on permits, design, timelines, cost, and more.

Still have a question? We’re here to provide answers and insights to ensure your basement renovation is a success. Connect with our friendly renovation team.

Every space is different. Some basements are unfinished while others have bathrooms already built into them, so it will really depend on your basement. All basement suites would require a kitchen, a bathroom, fire-rated protection between both living spaces, proper ventilation, electrical smoke detectors between the two units, proper exits, and in some cases their own electrical panel.  

Yes, to create a legal basement suite you will need to go through the permit process. Our basement renovation contractors can help assist you through this process and handle the entire permit application procedure on your behalf.

You would first need to look and see if your home is zoned for a basement suite.  Most local areas are, but it’s always worth looking it up on the city website. You will want to do this before you start the renovation process or consider buying a home hoping to convert the basement into a suite. If you’re unsure where to look up your home on the city website, let us know. We’d love to help you. 

There are a lot of building codes to take into consideration when turning your basement into a basement suite. This is why we think it’s so important to hire professional basement renovation contractors to help guide you through this process. 

The final cost truly depends on the quality of fixtures and style you want for your basement. If you’re hoping to live in the suite yourself, you might want to add a fireplace or a custom-tiled shower. But if you want to rent it, you might want to consider more cost-effective options.  A good starting point would be $100k for putting a legal basement suite in your home.  

Once we have the plans and permits in place, the actual basement construction process should take around 13 weeks.

You bet. Planning and design are the most critical phases of a successful basement renovation. We have great relationships with designers and drafting teams to help you start the process. We’ll work with you to understand your renovation desires, goals, and priorities.

Some key features for optimal rental capacity would be including a dishwasher, separate washer and dryer, minimal storage area, and a covered outside area.

Yes, not only does your home value go up, but you also fit into a specific selling market that makes your home more appealing to a broader group of people. On top of that, you have now created an income source from your house that can financially benefit you for years to come.   

All safety requirements and building codes are regulated by each municipality. During the construction process, city inspectors are brought in to inspect the process and make sure everything is up to current code.

Three of our biggest suggestions to maximize your potential rental income are building in a high-demand area, maximizing the use of space for bedrooms, and having fixtures and designs that are eye-catching and appealing to future renters. For example, separate washer/dryer, fireplace, dishwasher, custom shower, etc.

At Coleridge Construction we offer a 24-month warranty on all exterior cladding, caulking, windows and doors and a 12-month warranty for all electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and Interior finishing.

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Deciding to add a basement suite to your home is a major decision both in terms of undergoing the renovation and becoming a landlord. Let us lend a hand with the construction component.

Simply request a quote to schedule an appointment with our basement renovation contractors to walk through your basement, discuss your ideas, and brainstorm together on what could be.

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“Let’s make your home work even harder for you whether that means generating rental income through a basement suite, giving the kids their own bedrooms downstairs, or adding an inviting space for movies or hobbies. There’s so much to be realized downstairs!”

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