We Bought a House to Renovate – House Renovation Tips

We hear this a lot, excited new homeowners who are eager to do a house renovation on their new home… their dream home! We get it. We are excited for you and want to help. However, before we start swinging the hammer there are a few things we want you to consider.

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Below are some important house renovation tips that will hopefully make the entire process a little bit easier.

Do you have the finances for a Renovation?

Purchasing a home is a big expense, but we want to make sure that you also have the budget to do the house renovation that you want. We are able to give you the home of your dreams, but those dreams usually come with a larger budget than most new buyers want to spend. It is definitely worth taking a moment and thinking the budget through.

If your house renovation budget falls a bit short of your dreams, you do have options. Maybe consider doing some of the renovation projects on your wish list and continue with others at a later date as finances allow.

Living in It During the House renovation

In some cases, new homes may need a full gutting, and those are easier decisions to make. Some of the time, new home buyers don’t know what they want. In those cases, we suggest living in the home for a while first.

Sometimes when you live in a new space you get to understand it more and figure out what you like and don’t like about it. Maybe you’ll realize that you would prefer a bigger deck over a new kitchen, or a second living space in the unused basement. Your wish list may change.

your Want list vs. Your need list

Sometimes it’s good to bring a third party in to see if anything major needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, once you become a new homeowner the need list becomes more important than the want list. There might be some major needs that your new home has that you don’t realize upfront. The upside is that major house renovations will usually add value to your home.

House Renovation Timeline

Renovating a new home can end up going over the planned timeline. This can be due to material back orders, scope of work changes during the project, or other hiccups in the renovation schedule. It’s helpful if you don’t have a definite need to move in at a specific date before you start renovating. If you do, it’s important to have some buffer time worked into your construction schedule.

Construction Permits

Any time walls need to be moved, your project needs to go through the city permit process. You can find more information about Abbotsford permits here. This process ends up adding to the timeline of your project by around 6 months, so it will need to be factored into your timeline for your house renovation.

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