Renovating the bathrooms in your Abbotsford home is not a small project and there are several factors to consider when you begin planning the renovating process. While looking at samples can be fun, there are a lot of details that go into a bathroom remodel. It is important to choose a contractor who can help walk you through this comprehensive process and execute the work in a way that aligns with your vision for design and functionality. Some of the most important factors to consider before remodeling your bathroom include: 

Budget: The first step in any bathroom renovation project is setting a budget for how much you want to spend. Depending on how extensive the bathroom renovation is, the total cost can vary widely, so by giving your contractor a set budget, they can help you determine what all is possible and what type of materials will be used. 

Layout: Are you keeping the existing layout of the bathroom or would you prefer to rearrange the layout to be more functional or increase the amount of storage? The answer to this question will not only impact the budget but will also determine how long the renovation process will take. 

Lighting and Fixtures: Selecting new lighting and fixtures will help complete the design of your bathroom remodel and allow you to incorporate elements that enhance the theme and functionality. From LED lights for energy efficiency to stainless steel fixtures, the possibilities are endless. 

Are you ready to have the bathroom of your dreams? Reach out to us at Coleridge Construction of Abbotsford for your quote today! We look forward to turning your home renovation vision into a reality.

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