Finding the right contractor to transform your family home into something special takes time, effort and the right connection between homeowners and their contractors. 

We know how much pressure it is for you to get it right the first time.

Large scale projects mean longer timelines and a lengthier relationship. Not having the right connection with your contractor can make things quite unpleasant. 

Avoiding a tense relationship with your contractor means looking out for these top three characteristics:

1. A Good Listener.

Hiring a contractor who takes the time to really listen to your backyard wants and needs is extremely valuable. If communication continually breaks down between the two of you, things won’t get done properly or on time. A good contractor will take the necessary amount of time to make sure they understand your lifestyle needs and what will make your family truly happy.

You can usually tell very quickly between contractors who are just trying to complete projects and those wanting to make sure it gets done right.

2. Competent.

Clients often rely on their contractors to know specific things about the building process that isn’t common knowledge so the project runs as smooth as possible, on time and on budget. When a contractor doesn’t have the appropriate experience or expertise, there is a risk that important details may get overlooked or missed. Knowing how to troubleshoot the inevitable challenges that come with every project can save you time and money.

Experienced contractors also know exactly which inspections need to be done, the bylaws and codes that need to be followed and the correct permits to apply for. 

3. Accommodating

Your contractor should always be available to answer any questions or concerns you have and give you regular updates on what’s happening at your home. If a contractor has trouble calling you back that may not be a good sign. Although contractors can get busy with high demands, talking to the homeowner should always be a priority.

We Are Here To Help 

We’ve been helping homeowners all over the Fraser Valley reimagine what can be done inside of their homes. If you are interested in scheduling a discovery call or site visit, I’d love to talk to you about what we can do for you.

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