Is your home becoming outdated? Has your family grown since you originally purchased it and you have a hard time finding enough space for everyone’s needs? These are common concerns among homeowners, and it can quickly become a conversation about whether remodeling or moving is the better option for you and your family. While no home is perfect, there are several common issues that can be resolved with the right home remodeling contractor’s help, rather than packing everything and finding a new place to live. If you are in this situation, consider remodeling with the experienced team at Coleridge Construction

1. Cost-Effective: While remodeling is an expense, the costs to renovate are often more affordable than selling your house and purchasing a new one. Depending on the complexity of the work, remodeling a few rooms in your house could be far less than the fees involved with selling, including agency commissions, moving costs, the down payment on the new home, and repairs on the new home. Remodeling your current home also adds tremendous value, so that if you do sell down the road you can see a more substantial ROI. 

2. Community: Unless you can purchase a home within your neighborhood, you will often be faced with moving to a new community, potentially changing school districts, and even increasing your commute time. If you are happy with your current neighborhood, remodeling is a great way to make your house more functional and appealing, without having to sacrifice the community you have become accustomed to and love. 

3. Timeline: Remodeling does take some time to complete but can be done based on the timeline you need. While some home buyers can close and move fairly quickly, this is not always the case. Searching for a new home can take months, as does selling your current one. Instead, consider remodeling so that you can stay put and have the work done in a timeframe that is agreed upon beforehand. 

Would you like to remodel your current home? Reach out to the team at Coleridge Construction today. We look forward to revitalizing your space and helping you fall in love with it all over again. Contact us today for a quote.

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