When it comes to expectations, we advise on never making a direct comparison between what you see on TV (or Pinterest) and what you expect the final product to look like.

It takes a lot more than 30 minutes, a camera crew and a well dressed couple to transform a place into the home you’ve always dreamed about. Most problems that couples run into when going through a renovation project is their expectations.

While we appreciate how our industry is being featured on mainstream television, there are some challenges.

As we said, it can cause unrealistic expectations. However, if those are correctly managed, it creates lots of energy, inspiration, and is often the catalyst for getting the house you deserve to enjoy – the house you may never think possible before HGTV.

We know that every home, budget, contractor and family’s situation is different. 

While you should always expect excellence from your contractor, we recommend using TV shows and Pinterest for inspiration but not for comparison. Trying to do what is done on the heavily edited, subsidized, and entertainment focussed shows is welcoming frustration into your renovation project.

The Sobering Question You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting

So much pain and frustration between couples and their contractor could be avoided if they just paused and asked:

“What is our expectation about what should happen during and after the project?” 

This question alone is an ideal launching point for a conversation between a spouse, your bank and your contractor.

Once everyone is on the same page, things can start going forward. These kinds of conversations are fantastic for creating unity – everyone is on the same team from this point on.

Not Sure If Your Expectations Are Realistic?

If you have renovation ideas and expectations you’d like to start discussing with a contractor, give us a call today. We love helping homeowners figure out what can work best as they balance their dreams and their budget.

We’d love to help you put your home project into action so you can get the place you’ve always wanted.

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