Most Popular Kitchen Sinks for Renovations

Are you wondering what the most popular kitchen sinks are?

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If you’re renovating your kitchen, you are more than likely shopping for a new kitchen sink. But who would have thought there were so many styles to choose from when selecting a kitchen sink? While the decision process may seem daunting at first, there are really just three common styles of sinks, which you can configure to match your vision of your new kitchen including:

  • Single Basin Sink
  • Double Basin Sink
  • Farmhouse Sink

Single & Double Basin Kitchen Sinks

To start out, you can choose between a sink with a single basin and one with a double basin, which are some of the most popular kitchen sinks for renovations. You can soak or wash dishes on one side while working with food prep on the other in a double basin. The single basin sink does not allow you that option, but it does give you ample room for washing large pots, pans, and cookie sheets.

Either of these sink styles can be installed as a drop-in or an under-mount.

Drop-In Kitchen Sink

With the common drop-in style, the sink sits inside a hole cut into the countertop. The rim of the sink supports all the weight. The one downside to this style is the inability to wipe water and food directly into the sink.

Under-Mount Kitchen Sink

In contrast, under-mount kitchen sinks are exactly that—they are mounted under the countertop. Because they do not have a rim, you can easily wipe food and water from the counter directly into the sink. Food debris, however, can build up underneath where the sink is attached to the counter.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are third in our list of most popular kitchen sinks. They are also referred to as an apron sink or apron-front sink and is a bit of a different idea. The farmhouse sink also comes as a single or double basin, but is much larger and deeper than the average sink. The front of the sink, the apron, is exposed, and essentially serves as the face of the cabinet. Farmhouse sinks add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, but they take up a lot of room, and because of their weight, are not as easy to install.

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