As spring is upon us in Abbotsford, its is time for Abbotsford homeowners to take a deeper look into their home. At Coleridge Construction we know that home ownership is expensive, but here are a couple of things that everyone can do to help with the cost of future unexpected maintenance.

Toilet Seal and Silicone: This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways you could save yourself a couple hundred dollars.  You usually don’t know if a toilet seal has failed until it is too late.  Some of the first signs could be excess water around the base of your toilet seat, or water leaking through your basement ceiling.  Though the life of a toilet seal can last 20 years, or the lifetime of a toilet, if you don’t actually know when a toilet has been replaced last it is important to make sure this is a priority when you move into a new house.  Along with regular inspections around the toilet to help prevent any unexpected issues in the future.

Roof: It can be hard as a Abbotsford homeowner to know when is it the right time to get a new roof.  The downside of this question is if you wait to long it can end up costing you thousands, or having to take out a large insurance claim.  An average the lifespan of a roof can range from 25 to 50 years, with the life expectancy depending on quality, and type of material chosen. If you are planning on installing a new roof, ask your installer what the expectancy of the shingles are, or if you are buying a new house, make sure to ask them if they know when the roof was done last.  Signs to look for as a homeowner if your roof is about to fail or is failing would be loose shingles, rusty nails and mold in the attic, popped nails on the roof under the shingles and leaks in your ceiling.  

Poly B: Poly B was a common material used for plumbing that was used in 1980 and 1990.  It was later removed from the standard Canadian plumbing code for use in homes.  Unfortunately, this material does not have the life expectancy that plumbing material now has, and can be a ticking time bomb for water leaks.  The removal of Poly B can be between $5000-$20000, depending of the size of removal, size of house and if it is already exposed and how much area will need to be drywalled after removal.  This is a replacement that is easier to do if  you already have an exposed basement ceiling, or are planning to do a renovation, but even without this, the removal of Polly B is still a important thing to consider, that way you know you have plumbing you can rely on, without unplanned leaks. If your curious if your Abbotsford home has this type of plumbing, it’s easy to find out by checking under your sinks, and looking to see if there are grey water lines, or contact our team at Coleridge Construction. 

Gutter Cleaning: This is a simple act, that can be done a couple days a year, that can save you a few thousand on roof repairs.  A failed gutter or a constant overflowing gutter can lead to fascia rot, siding failures and further roof rot.  So, spending a couple days a year making sure these areas are removed from debris, can be a easy act on your future wallet. 

Yearly Maintenance: Yearly Maintenance is the most cost-effective way you can save thousands on your home.  By inspecting the areas around your house, roof, attic, gutters, vents on roof, for any leaks or rot do to wear and tear, you are able to catch a leak or need for maintenance before it grows to something larger and more costly.

* Click below for the link to our printable yearly maintenance checklist. 

The Coleridge Construction team is here for you have any inquires, or areas needing help as you inspect your home.  

Home Maintenance Checklist (PDF)

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