Tips for Choosing Home Renovation Design Selections

When it comes to a home renovation design, your selections are a major part of the process, our team at Coleridge Construction have put together some tips for choosing your design selections, so you can have a great home renovation.

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Know what you want

You don’t want to go into a home renovation design still uncertain of what colors you want on your wall or the tiles you want for the backsplash.  You could do it this way, but it’s way more stressful and less likely that you will have a cohesive design as it will be last minute and less thought through.

Flip flopping a bit in deciding your project selections is okay in the beginning, but when it continues into the final stages of pre-construction is where it can become detrimental to a project.  Causing project delays, alters in budget costs and overall, more stress on a renovation then needs be.

Avoid Back Orders

One problem of not having selections in place is one might just miss out on them all together.  Even though Covid is now passed us the effects of it in material processing is still there which means, back orders.  Lots, and continually.  But by choosing selections and having them purchased earlier on, you are guaranteed to get the product that you want.

Is that what we ordered?

Sometimes when choosing from so many designs we can forget what we actually choose and then during construction it might come as a surprise when it’s installed.  Our tip for this is having a software to log design choices so that one can track what their selections are so hopefully there are no surprises in the end.

Choose a Designer

Designers are a great choice if you need someone to help you choose the right products for your home renovation design. This is especially true if you are working on a Heritage project. Yes, you do have to pay a little extra for this service but usually when you take this route there is a lot less stress involved as someone is personally walking you through the process. 

If a designer isn’t in your finances, we recommend connecting with retailers as most of them have in-house designers, or sales teams that specialize in design selections. You can also draw inspiration for sites like Houzz, Pinterest and Architectural Digest.

Know your finances

Understanding the projects finances and how much of those finances are allotted to your design selections is going to be key.  Can your budget handle the cost of hardwood, tile floor and in floor heating, or should you pursue a more cost-effective solution for some areas.  As the design selections can make or break the financial budget its important to know your numbers.

Plan Ahead

Planning early means less stress later, and the more one can plan the easier the process can be.  We know no one wants to be choosing their paint colors the day before the painter comes, or having to delay their project because choices weren’t made on time.  By being diligent in the initial process, your home renovation design will be a lot less stressful.  

Ask your contractor for a schedule on when all the projects’ selections need to be made, that way your project will continue to stay on track.

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